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Несколько дней назад мне предложили принять участие в написании Списка 100 наиболее выдающихся женщин в фантастике и фэнтези, и я согласилась. Список создается с 2009 года, и в нем уже 73 пункта... точнее, теперь 74)) Находится мой вклад в это начинание вот здесь, ну и, само собой, пусть будет и в моем дневнике)) Выкладываю.

Captain Kathryn Janeway
Star Trek:Voyager

Captain Janeway is a unique phenomenon in the Star Trek Universe. There were female captains and even admirals in ST before her – but, you see, they never had enough appearances to get noticed. The very fact they finally give us a main character female captain is an improvement. Perhaps the idea doesn’t always work smoothly. Perhaps the show’s authors just can’t handle it sometimes. But let’s get to Janeway.

Kathryn Janeway finds herself in quite a difficult situation: on her very first mission as captain her ship is captured by a mysterious alien force and taken to the other side of the galaxy, thousands of lightyears from Earth. Under the circumstances that would make almost anyone give up, she is not only ready to take one-of-the-million chance to get her ship and crew back home, but she also is quite determined to keep the highest ideals of the United Federation on her ship. As she travels through an uncharted part of the galaxy and faces challenges the Federation doesn’t even know to exist, she shows herself as bold, intelligent, determined, resourceful and able to handle all kinds of emergency situations. She also shows excellent diplomatic skills, making contacts and negotiating treaties with alien races. Her interaction with her crew is also remarkable, even though she can sometimes give you an impression of a “mother” (remember me saying that the authors of the show do not always handle the idea of a female captain very well? That’s it.) but still, she does her best to keep them from going awry. She can manage battle too: she defeats enemies as deadly as the Borg or the Species 8472 and she is very good with a phaser rifle. (An interesting fact about Janeway: she actually managed to take out the Borg, while the male captains Picard and Sisko were only lucky to escape from the Collective with their lives.) She gets her heart broken when her husband unscrupulously dismisses her as missing in action, but she won’t let this break her will. She has complexity, she faces hard choices, demonstrates remarkable compassion and understanding, and as far as I am concerned, she represents a positive depiction of a woman in SciFi.

And she is by the way the first explorer of the Delta Quadrant. Or, at least, the first one who actually came back in one piece.

There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew.

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